$ 28.00

Heat Wave" is a deep and warm fragrance that captures the fiery essence of summer. The rich and spicy aroma of sandalwood is complemented by the zesty sweetness of mandarin, while the heat of chili peppers adds a sultry and smoky edge. Light up this candle and let its warm and inviting scent transport you to sun-soaked beaches and balmy summer nights.

Retro modern clear jar candles inspired by the feeling of Spring: the rebirth of nature, happy thoughts, and a fresh mindset.

At the end of your candle's life, the glass jar and metal lid are 100% recyclable (or reusable!) Just place your candle in the freezer to freeze the wax, then pop out the remaining frozen wax with a spoon.

Burn time for each candle is approx. 25 hrs.

Jar Measurements:

Size = 9 oz 

Height = 3.5" 

Outside Diameter = 2.88".

Single Wick.