$ 16.00

add to your skin ritual. soothes skin, moves lymph, improves circulation, lifts, tightens and detoxes skin - when done correctly!

facial roller: keep refrigerated and use to depuff and sooth skin. apply light pressure. after gua sha move back and forth, otherwise one direction.


Founded by Lauren Beladi, Kamila Blu started as a self care ritual. From the beaches of Central America and Australia, to the deserts of Morocco and India, the islands of Thailand and Sri Lanka, and the streets of Portugal and Spain. Body oil was her home away from home. Allowing her to take care of her skin and have time for herself, it became a ritual. Among her travels new plant oils kept coming into her life. In 2019 Lauren found herself back in her home on the beaches of New Hampshire, with all these oils for skin, hair, and ritual. Through some trial and error, and a lot of blending, she found her perfect mix of all the oils she loves, that keep her connected to earth and herself. Distraught by seeing all the awful chemicals in body lotions and oils, Lauren's mission is to continue to make healthy plant based natural oils, and inspire people to be more mindful of what they put on the largest organ on their body.

its more than just nice skin. its connection to your body, connection to earth, its self love, is self lust, its food for your body - so feed it.